Six Tips on Summer Foot Care!

Summer is a wonderful time of sunshine, outdoor activities, and great food! However here are some things to take into consideration to prevent injuries and painful consequences for the feet!


1. Athletic shoes: Be sure to measure your feet every few years as they continue to get longer and small shoes lead to painful calluses, and ingrowns.  A good rule of thumb is to wear ½ size bigger than your feet


2. Sandals: Sandals should be sturdy with arch support if possible, but are discouraged if you have neuropathy as it puts your skin at risk of injury and ulceration.


3. Lotion: Apply lotion daily to feet, exposure to heat and air with sandals can lead to very dry skin that can crack, leading to infections and ulcerations.


4. Stretching: Stretch every day, especially before athletic activity. This will help you avoid tendon injuries and other common “weekend warrior” issues.


5. Exercise: Increase your activity level slowly wearing sturdy shoes to avoid stress fractures – especially if osteopenia or osteoporosis is an issue.


6. Salon Safety: Go ahead and enjoy those pedicures, but do not let them clip out a potential ingrown, make an appointment to have that evaluated by your podiatrist.


About the Author


Dr. Sharon Jay earned her degrees in California and practiced medicine in Dayton, Ohio, before joining Cincinnati Foot & Ankle Care in 2022. She completed her surgical residency at Jewish Hospital–Mercy Health in Cincinnati, serving as Chief Resident. She is a member of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, Ohio Foot and Ankle Medical Association and Southern Ohio Academy of Podiatry.

Dr. Jay has comprehensive training in podiatric medicine and surgery. She’s experienced in the treatment of acute trauma of the foot and ankle, as well as bunions, hammertoes, heel pain, neuromas and diabetic foot care. Dr. Jay is passionate about preventive care to ensure patients receive the best care, whether that’s conservative, in-office treatment or surgical intervention.

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