Achilles Tendon Injuries

Exercise is an integral part of our health and wellness. Pushing our bodies helps us to stay active and fit. This can sometimes cause strain on our muscles and lead to major accidental injuries. The Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in the body. It connects your calf muscles to your heel bone and is used when you walk, run, and jump. At Beyond Podiatry, we offer treatments to help relieve pain due to the rupture of the Achilles tendon. Contact one of our locations today to schedule a consultation.


Causes of Achilles Tendon Injuries

Although your Achilles tendon can withstand significant stress and absorb shock when you jump or run, this durable connective tissue can still get injured. You can even tear or rupture your Achilles tendon by landing incorrectly after jumping. If you start experiencing signs and symptoms of a tendon injury, you need to seek medical intervention before your condition progresses. You can also suffer from an Achilles tendon injury by:

  • Suddenly increasing your activity level
  • Improperly warming up before sports
  • Running on an uneven surface
  • Having a heel spur
  • Having tight calf muscles
X-ray view of the achilles tendon

Signs of Achilles Tendon Injuries

A rigorous workout may result in unwanted injuries. Making sure to take the necessary precautions while working out will help ease the strain and reduce stress caused to the important muscles in our legs. If you have experienced a sudden “pop” in the back of your calf or heel, you may have ruptured your Achilles tendon. Other common signs of injuries include pain, stiffness, and swelling.

How To Treat Achilles Tendon Injuries

If your Achilles tendon is ruptured, if you have chronic Achilles tendinitis, or if you’re just not getting relief from conservative therapies, you might need surgery. Tendon surgery involves grafting tissues, repairing your Achilles tendon, lengthening your calf muscles, or removing damaged tissues. To help relieve discomfort and inflammation, your customized tendon treatment plan at Beyond Podiatry may include:

Treating Achilles Tendon Injuries in Michigan, Illinois, & Kentucky

Your Achilles tendon, the largest tendon in your body, runs down your calf and into your heel bone. Because you can easily injure your Achilles tendon, it’s important to visit the podiatry team at Beyond Podiatry if you experience pain and soreness in your calf. Book your appointment at your closest location by using our online appointment request form or by phone.