Arterial Lower Extremity Doppler

Self-care looks different to everyone. While some take it upon themselves to buy new clothes or take trips to foreign countries, others choose to spend their money on great food, skincare products, and makeup. We are unique individuals with eclectic tastes, but one thing that is undoubtedly universal is the desire to live long, healthy lives. Sometimes no matter how hard we work to lead healthier lives, our bodies have a mind of their own. Our specialists at Beyond Podiatry give exceptional care with you in mind. If you are experiencing any discomfort due to a preexisting condition or would like to get information for preventive care, we can provide you with diagnostic options such as our arterial lower extremity doppler studies, and treatment options. Get in touch with Beyond Podiatry today and take charge of your health.


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How Does An Arterial Lower Extremity Doppler Work?

Preventive methods are the most important type of care because you are able to catch a problem before it turns serious or leads to permanent damage. Arterial lower extremity doppler studies are used to look at both arteries and veins in the lower regions of the body. This is a non-invasive, diagnostic procedure that doesn’t require any major operations or downtime. Our doppler helps diagnose things such as arteriosclerosis of the legs, a blood clot (deep vein thrombosis), and venous insufficiency.

QuantaFlo™ Vascular Testing 

QuantaFlo™ is a piece of non-invasive vascular testing equipment used to measure a patient’s systolic pressures at the arm and the ankle. Plaque in a person’s arteries can lead to blockage in regular blood flow. If these are blocked, it is difficult for blood to flow to the arms, stomach, aorta, kidneys, and brain. If the plaque hardens, it could lead to a cardiovascular condition called coronary artery disease. The QuantaFlo™ ABI test helps determine what is going on inside the arteries and aids specialists to help give you the necessary treatment you need.

How Do These Tests Help?

Our podiatrists at Beyond Podiatry are here to assist you in any pain or discomfort. With the advancement of technology today, they can use their skills to help you have a better quality of life. Both our arterial lower extremity doppler and QuantaFlo™ are procedures made to help identify causes of pain and curate courses of treatment based on your unique need. You will speak with our specialist during your consultation so that they can better assist you based on what you have disclosed. Soon after, they will begin with either the doppler or QuantaFlo™, depending on your symptoms. If you have questions, call our Michigan office today to set up a consultation.

Arterial Lower Extremity Doppler (QuantaFlo) in Michigan

Taking a look into both veins and arteries will help your podiatrist determine the best course of action for you to maintain your overall health. If you struggle with discomfort due to a worsened condition or want preventive care, our podiatrists at Beyond Podiatry are here to assist you. Schedule your visit through our online tool or call your nearest Michigan office today.