Anatomical Pathology Laboratory

Health and wellness is a big part of our everyday life. If we do not feel our best, it can affect how we communicate with those around us, and how we feel about ourselves. If you are noticing any irregular behavior regarding your body, it is important to seek medical attention so that you can make sure you are being proactive. Preventive care is the best solution to an issue because it can put you one step ahead of a serious complication. At Beyond Podiatry, each of our Michigan locations is equipped with an anatomical pathology laboratory to help get ahead of the curve and allow your specialist a look into underlying problems to find a better treatment plan curated to fit your needs. 


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What is Anatomical Pathology?

Anatomical pathology is a medical specialty that is concerned with the diagnosis of disease. The process of using the laboratory involves taking a sample of a specimen through the tissue, this includes cervical scrapings, biopsies, surgical resections, and whole-body evaluations at autopsy. The sample of tissue cells is taken from the patient and sent to the laboratory. In these situations, anatomical pathology is the specialty that provides a definitive diagnosis and allows clinicians to give the most appropriate advice and treatment to their patients. 

The Difference an Anatomical Pathology Laboratory Makes

Our advanced laboratory systems allow us to help get a clear diagnosis of what may be going on with your body. When we take a sample of your bunions, corns, calluses, toenail fungus, or warts, we can test it and determine the underlying cause of the problem. This process can also help us understand the severity of your condition and coordinate to find a solution that will suit you best. To get started and get the testing you need, request an appointment at your nearest location today.

Anatomical Pathology Laboratory in Michigan

At Beyond Podiatry we are here to meet your needs. Our advanced anatomical pathology laboratory systems can help figure out why you may be experiencing the same pain constantly and show preventive ways to keep this from happening in the future. If you are ready to feel better and take back control over your body, our podiatrists are ready to assist you. Schedule your visit through the online form or give one of our Michigan offices a call to schedule an appointment.