Protect Yourself Against Warts, Fungus, and Athlete’s Foot

Do you suffer from unpleasant and embarrassing foot issues like athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, or plantar warts? If so, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there is a solution for each of these issues, so you don’t have to suffer in silence or forego sandals and open-toed shoes year after year.

At the Great Lakes Foot and Ankle Institute with locations in Clinton Township, Chesterfield, Fort Gratiot, East China Township, Shelby Township, and Rochester, Michigan, our podiatrists work with you to help you find solutions to all of your foot and ankle issues, including plantar wartstoenail fungus, and athlete’s foot.

Athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that thrives in moist, warm environments. Many people contract athlete’s foot by going barefoot around public pools, in school showers, or sports locker rooms. 

Our team uses prescription-strength antifungal ointments, oral medication designed to fight fungal infections, and anti-itching spray or powder to relieve symptoms during healing. Your athlete’s foot can be prevented from returning by using caution in areas where the fungus is likely to multiply.

Toenail fungus

Toenail fungus is often caused by the same type of fungal infection that causes athlete’s foot, but can be exacerbated by yeast and may not respond to treatment with the same medications that are used for athlete’s foot. Your toenails may look yellowed and seem brittle and thickened. 

Our team can treat toenail fungus with topicals and oral medication. If conservative treatment fails, they can remove the nail surgically. The best way to prevent toenail fungus is to practice excellent foot hygiene, including frequent changing of socks, regular cleaning and drying of your feet, and wearing correctly sized shoes. 

Plantar warts

Plantar warts are caused by HPV, the human papillomavirus. These warts can be difficult to remove completely and often recur. Usually, the virus gains access through small cuts in your feet, then forms hard bumps on weight-bearing parts of your heel or ball of your foot. These warts can also start to grow inward, creating a cone shape that is very painful.

Our team uses the Swift wart treatment system, utilizing microwave energy to safely and quickly remove warts. The energy beam is precisely targeted and painless, and usually, only one or two treatments are needed to completely remove the wart.

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